Good Morning! Here is my Dad, Mike, with the already doubled dough at the home I grew up in on Vashon Island, WA Posted by Picasa


ms.proust said...

Hey Katy,

I like your site! I was grimmacing yesterday when my husband gave my mother-in-law the url to my blog site--wasn't sure if I wanted family to be so privvy to our daily habits. But here's this cute pic of your dad & cinnamon rolls & it makes me think it's all good, in fact even better to get your family involved.

Hey, since you're grapefruit obsessed & from Washington, you've gotta check out the new Herbfarm cookbook called "The Herbal Kitchen". For New Year's Eve I made a delicious gin & grapefruit martini with muddled sage that I found in it. Really good & not too sweet.

I like your banner--gotta work on that.

Katy said...

Yum. A gin & grapefruit martini sounds fabulous. I did once try something similar but with tequila. Anything with grapefruit cannot be bad. Well unless it is grapefruit juice with sugar mixed in (most people here do that, Argentines cook well- but I am sorry sugar-grapefruit juice is sacrilegious!)