Sourdough Starter- My First Bread Sans Package Yeast

Chapter One: The Bubbles Begin!

I know nothing about Sourdough. At least, I didn't know anything until this week when I started making my very own little starter. Sourdough is exciting. Maybe some people get their kicks from sports or jumping off tall buildings and such but to me, there is nothing more rewarding than starting in on a recipe with no idea what I am doing and having things not turn into a ball of fiery blackened rubbish.

Today was bubble day. The first day that my beautiful new baby starter was covered in little bubbles, it looked surprisingly similar to the way the top of a pancake does when it is getting ready to be flipped over. I couldn’t be prouder. Hooray for my little yeasty apartment that gave life to the flour. Hooray for the glob of flour water goo now teaming with life. Hooray for food!

S. John Ross wrote a very funny little website on exactly how to start your own ‘pet’ and he is much better at explaining it all than I am. But just as he said today it has started to have a fabulous little sour/beery smell to it. Last week I made a whole grain beer loaf of very heavy bread to go with some Carrot and Coriander Soup (i.e. soup of the gods). But this smells much better. I am so excited.


The UNvirgin Mary said...

Oh Katy! I loooooove this site!! Its so you! I just love the fact you have a blog decicated purely to food and recipes... im gonna suggest to adam that he take a look at it! Its fun to read and honestly makes my mouth water!

Katy said...

Thanks :) I love comments. I love food too! That is why I am doing it :) Take care Angie! I miss you over there in Japan!