Surubí Baby!

The Surubí is the most scrumptious of foods here in Corrientes. This enormous fish, in the catfish family, lives all throughout many of the rivers in South America, especially in the Paraná River, which lucky for me runs right along the edge of the city. It has a thick texture like many larger fish and comes to the market in fat steaks.

At my favorite restaurant here along the costanera (coast), El Mirador, I always order the surubí al roquefort. The fish steak comes grilled to golden crispy perfect on the outside and incredibly juicy, buttery, rich and flaky on the inside- swimming in its own cream-roquefort sauce. Though it might be tricky for you to find surubí in the states, the sauce is simple enough to make and popular all over the world. All you need is a lot of cream, a little roquefort and the ability to make a roux.

I wont give you an exact recipe because honestly it would not help, the flavor of the Roquefort varies, and so will the amounts in your recipes. The cream here is much thicker, but a thick whipping cream will work as well. But first make roux from flour and butter and slowly add in the cream and the Roquefort. The Roquefort here is so salty I hardly add any extra salt, but you could always add in milk, white wine, pepper or a little stock if you wanted to change the flavor a bit.

Personally, I could eat this meal until my sides explode and then keep on going soaking up the sauce with a bit of bread, or how they serve it at El Mirador, with papas noisette. Oh! I am making myself hungry!

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