Camboriu , Brazil

After a 24 hour bus ride,with only one avalance inducing snorer, we arrived in Camboriu, a city in Brazil about an hour north of Florianopolis, the capital of Santa Catarina State. Camboriu is the number one vacation destination for beach seeking Argentines, and for a good reason, the beach was beautiful a city set against the backdrop of a beautiful lagoon and buses a plenty (for less than a dollar) to take you to smaller more local beaches less than 30 minutes away. The water was warm, the sand soft, the people beautiful and the food? Plentiful!

We ate breakfast at the hotel, which was a huge buffet of different cakes, breads, tropical fruits, hams, cheeses, yogurts, cereal, and all for free which is bound to make you smile whatever the quality.

In the afternoon we might have a churro filled with chocolate or dulce de leche, corn on the cob, or some of the ice cream made from condensed milk they sold on the beach, then at night we would go out for a proper meal. Carts rolled down the beach selling everything from sun glasses to fruit salad, it was hard to resist. I once lay down a whopping 10 reals (5 dollars, very expensive!) for a work of art desert, fresh fruit served in a hollowed out pineapple and loaded down with the ice cream of your choice.

Most of the time we ate shrimp. There was no getting tired of the selection, they had everything, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, shrimp stew with bamboo, shrimp Bahia (cooked in coconut milk and loaded with spices!). The all you can eat sea food menu we had on our last day was 30 dollars for the both of us and had seafood strew, raw oysters and mussels, calamari, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, Greek rice (rice with butter, raisins, carrots, and red peppers) and crab meat served in a clam shell and covered in a bread crumb topping (I ate no less than four of those!) and all was delicious.

To keep cool we brought along an enormous water cooler to make terere, a drink typical of Paraguay where they put loose yerba mate leaves into a cup along with the bombilla (a metal straw with a strainer attached to the end and from which everyone drinks). To make Mate tea you would add hot water directly to the cup from a portable thermos but to make terere you add cold water. In Argentina, at least in the north, they use juice. We make our Brazilian style terere with pineapple juice spiked with fresh limes we bought in the local markets.

The trip was an astounding success, we came back with bulging bellies, tan bodies and ridiculous vacation induced smiles.


ms.proust said...

OMG that looks like an amazing vacation. Shrimp is my favorite marisco, especially when it's that fresh. I was actually invited to a Brazilian wine tasting today (I've never had wine from Brazil!) at a new restaurant called Samba, but I am without transportation today & overwhelmed with the idea of moving in a week. Looks like my husband & I need to check out some tropical spots on our next vacation...

Katy said...

I will have to try out Samba when I get back to the states. Honestly I have never tried Brazilian wine. (can you believe it? I was so busy stuffing myself with shrimp I didn't think about it!) Maybe I will see if I can hunt down a bottle here in Argentina!

Brazil property said...

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