Lemony Love: A Weekend Curd Fest!

Monster Lemons On Display

Love and lemon curd are synonymous. There is truly nothing better for breakfast than a buttery cream scone slathered with bright lemon curd to wake you and get you ready for the day. Not that I eat lemon curd every day, I don't- perhaps you can tell from my photo but contrary to popular belief I am not 10,000 pounds. I am a mix-it-up breakfast kind of girl: I eat maybe a little plain yogurt with applesauce for breakfast, or toast with some leftover homemade apricot jam. It is the weekends I truly go wild, and this weekend Santiago (the man I keep around) brought home a bag of the biggest lemons I have ever seen in the 22 years I have been on this Earth, and that calls for curd.

What is your breakfast routine?

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After much painstaking research I am no further forward on discovering the true identity of these near grapefruit-sized beauties (perhaps you, fair reader, can help me on my quest?) I am however, the proud owner of 2 jars of golden lemon curd which I have happily been spreading on just about everything within reach.

The great thing about curd is that you can make it out of a variety of fruit, whatever looks nice at the market, or the particular craving you may have at the time. I make mine in small batches because it doesn't last long-I have no idea how the store variety stay fresh for so long, my only guess is loads of chemicals because curd just does not store that well. It will stay fresh for 2ish weeks in the fridge (though I have been known to eat mine after that...) but this is not like making jam (or dulce de leche for that matter).

The upside is it is quick to make, under 20 minutes from start to finish including washing up and if you make too much you can always give it away and make lots and lots of friends who will love you always for giving them such a wonderful gift.

Lovely Lemon Curd:

3 monster lemons, or 5 regular sized ones; juice and zest
4 eggs
1 stick of butter in little chunklettes
1 1/2 cups sugar

Zest and juice your lemons (if you are making this with lime you might want to add in another one as they tend to be a tad smaller). My curd is a golden-yellow-toffee color because I like to use 1/2 a cup of demerara (cane) sugar, here it is called azucar rubio, which I add in with 1 cup of the white variety. Add all of the ingredients into a bowl (I use a glass one) over a pan of only-so-slightly-simmering water to form a bain marie.

Stir, and keep stirring until your curd is nice and thick- DO NOT overheat this baby, better to go nice and slow on a low heat and avoid lemony-scrambled eggs which I assure you would not be as pleasant as lemon curd. It should get thick within 20-25 minutes.

You can strain your curd through a sieve but I am a lazy bum, plus a little zest never hurt anyone, so I just plop it directly into a nice clean jar and store in the fridge. If I can wait that long.


Rorie said...

Lovely post - I'm a fan of all things lemon, too. Yum. BTW thanks for the sweet comments you left at Milk & Honey!

Tania said...

I so love lemons, and your lemon curd sounds fantastic, Katy! I'm currently finishing off a small jar of passionfruit curd, which, delicious though it may be, isn't quite as good as my favourite lemon curd. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Katy said...

yum yum. I can't wait until grapefruit season to try out a grapefruit curd.

Rorie- I am glad you liked the post :)

Tania-I love lemons too, passionfruit is good but I will always be a citrus girl at heart. Sounds like you are too!

Tea said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you, Katie: love and lemon curd ARE synonymous!