The Inspired Post: Chocolate Marble Cake a La Rorie

When I started up this little blog, I though ah yes what a great way for me to blend two of my passions writing, and cooking! Little did I know however that food blogging is not about it is about looking at everyone else's blogs until your mouth waters to the point you can take no more.

I do torture myself, most of the ingredients foodies use are international, and Corrientine cooking is a local affair, which means no cilantro, ginger, curry, soy sauce, refried beans, tortillas (those two I can at least make), peanut butter, tomatillos (this one kills me) or any other non-Argentine fare.

Lucky for me however the ingredients used in baking are fairly universal so I do occasionally stumble across a fabulous recipe I can actually make from the blogging world.

This happened to me today. It only took me 3 months, but I found plain yogurt about a week ago. I have a very severe weakness for cakes made with yogurt and so when I found this chocolate marble cake on Milk and Honey not baking it was simply just not an option.

Baking is one thing, but writing a post one day after the last post I wrote is not something I do too often. But this cake, ladies and gentlemen, is beyond praise worthy.

I had to make a few changes of course, because of ingredients and because I am a lazy kind of cook, and of course that I do not own beater: I used melted chocolate instead of cocoa since the cocoa here is below my standards (I am sure I will find some good stuff sooner or later), and I fussed to make it a la Katy. Basically though, this is the same cake.As you can see Santiago enjoyed it, he woke up from his siesta just long enough to as for 3 pieces!

Rorie, dear, you are a cooking goddess. It came out extremely moist and rather rich- as she says, and is absolutely true it is quite lux, on a student style budget. This recipe is going in the "always and forever, true cake love" file this instant.

The only thing that Rorie was wrong about? Servings, there is just NO way I am going to share that much of a cake so good. Next time I think I may try mixing in a little dulce de leche to the vanilla part, just for kicks, I will report back to tell you how that goes.

And for those of you waiting to see the computer (fondly called the Frankenstein computer by Tania) wait no longer! (Please excuse the desk, the drawer is still at Santi's parents house, we got it yesterday, before it was living on the kitchen table) though do note the lovely webcam holder.


Rorie said...

Oh, you are a doll! So glad you liked the cake ......

Rorie the cooking goddess

Katy said...

Your food pictures are so great. They make me wish I had a better kitchen. (No prep space, no storage space)
It's nice to find another Katy spelled correctly.

Tania said...

I've been too busy tending to a sick little dog lately to keep up with all my favourite blogs, so I didn't read about Rorie's cake on Milk & Honey until just a few minutes ago ... and then I pop over here and read about it again. Wow, it truly sounds incredible!! Nice job, Katy, and your Santi is a cutie!

Katy said...

Katy, I lived on a sailboat for 2 years, and I still made it work! I had a board over my sink, that way I could cut where the sink is and that gave me more space!

Tania, thanks for the boy compliments, I think so too. And yes Rorie's cake was yum

Anita said...

That is a delicious-looking cake! I agree, I thought a blog would be a great way to keep up baking and writing at the same time. I forgot to factor in all the time I would spend staring at other beautiful blogs in jealousy!

bea at La tartine gourmande said...

I just love love this cake. And yours looks so marbled. I will give it a try!

Rachel said...


Kelvin said...

His eyes are closed, because I think he is saying a "prayer" before he puts it in his mouth !!! (hehe)