A Little Easter Joy

(Yes, that my friend is a knit egg, made by yours truly)

Happy Easter everyone! Nothing says Easter like chocolate, I know everyone says that, I know it is cliche, but you know what? I don't care, because it is true- Easter can perhaps mean dewy, vinegary tasting, dyed eggs with the dye soaked through to the yoke found on Easter morning, yeah, yeah, but truly and honestly when you ask yourself what Easter mean to you as a child it was a overflowing basket of sweets.

I suppose I am older now, and as much as I still love sweets a chocolate bar just isn't going to make the cut. Don´t get me wrong, I still love a good robin´s egg or a few cadbury buttons, but this year I think we will take our chocolate Easter love to a different level.

The first time I had chocolate mousse, real chocolate mousse (a.k.a not jello chocolate pudding) was in France, in a town outside of Paris where my host family had several friends. I adored going out to other peoples houses, as everyone says, the French can cook.

Unfortunately, not my host family. Watery veggies and rubbery overcooked meat were my daily fare, so these outings make me sick with joy. Generally my excursions were limited to my friends in Paris (see friend: Meryl, with her head out the window of the Sacre Coeur, an excellent cook by the by) but this chocolate mousse couple were always happy to open a little (OK a lot) of wine and show us all a wonderful time.

The first chocolate mousse ever was surprisingly bitter, a dark but feather light concoction. Now that I have made a few myself, I think perhaps they had not let it rest in the fridge quite long enough because it still felt a bit egg white-y if you know what I mean. This recipe is perfect, and just the right of Eastery chocolate goodness to make a girl happy, very creamy, very chocolaty, (slightly fruity), very yum.

Chocolate Mousse with Cherry Liqueur

3 bars of your favorite dark chocolate
1/2 cup of milk
6 tablespoons of cherry liqueur (I use one made of pie cherries from Patagonia which very rich, dark and fruity).
1 cup sugar (this you can vary depending on your tastes)
6 eggs, separated
pinch of salt

Put the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of only-just-simmering water, to make a bain marie. Allow this to melt, and then add in the milk and the liqueur. Try a little with your finger, need sugar? add some! I added a little less than a cup, but this is all up to you, add the sugar in as well.

Take the chocolate off the heat, and let it cool for a few minutes, the add 2 tablespoons of water to the egg yokes, mix them up, and add them to your chocolate mixture, beating with a whisk until smooth.

Beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks, adding in the salt. Then fold this into the chocolate mixture. Stir it with a spatula, this will help you from over stirring. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, I like to do it overnight, if you want it to be pretty you can spoon it into individual bowls before refrigeration, and added chocolate shavings before serving. This is also very good frozen!


http://movingtoargentina.typepad.com said...

My husband regales me with stories of the chocolate mousse in Paris. Unfortunately the summer we met and that I then spent visiting him was during the heat wave three years ago and looking for fabulous chocolate mousse was out of the question - let alone moving from in front of the fan!!! I dream still of the day we get back to visit his family and I can search down some yummies (oh and let's not forget the cheese).
p.s. his dad is one of those not so wonderful cooks too but shhhh don't tell anyone ;-)

Rorie said...

Oh, yum. There's nothing like eating mousse au chocolat in Paris! Your pictures are seriously delicious-looking!

Sarah said...

I think you forgot the Chocolate rum mousse I made a couple of Christmas's in a row, but I guess you don't like rum!

Katy said...

Mum, I never had rum mousse ever! Anyway I really do hate rum, so even if it had been their I can´t imagine I would have eaten it. But I honestly don't even remember seeing a rum mousse you made, perhaps I wasn´t there those years?

Rorie, you are right about the mousse au chocolat, even though the one I had there wasnt quite right, petit pot au creme are to die for.

Laura, Paris can get super hot! I think it is something about the heat in a city, because it wasnt like that in the town I stayed. Too bad about them not being able to cook to well- at least you have lots of lovely excuses to go out to eat then though!