A Few Lovely Reasons for Joy

A sink full of grapefruits straight from the tree

Soon to be gone


Tea said...

Yay! Katy gets her grapefruits at last. Enjoy!

Katy said...

:) Sometimes life is oh so good.

Rorie said...

Great pics, Katy! Enjoy your grapefruits!

yanqui mike said...


Those look like some deelicious white pomelos!

Are they unlike the ones from Yanquilandia...or the others available in my Disco?

I like the sweet varieties that are available everywhere but I miss the old fashioned white grapefruits of my youth that were SO tangy and sour that my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

We really needed to sprinkle them with granulated sugar to eat them with a grapefruit knife.

Is that the way yours taste?