Poncho Progress

(poncho baby)

I am working at this very moment on a poncho for my Mother. Yes she lives in the states, and I am in Argentina right now but it is not to early to start up on her X-mas presents after all! I used the braid design from samus, on knitty.com, and created the rest from my own design, I really do hope it will turn out all right.

I am very excited because I finally decided what to make next, the hourglass sweater from last minute knitted gifts, well this took a lot of doing, since I cant just run off and order it from amazon (Argentina just doesn't work like that) so I ordered the book and I am having it sent to my mum who will then scan in the pattern for me! So wish me luck on that one.

Just getting to the point I am at took a lot of fussing, I first started the little wonder in separate pieces I got a good 3 feet of one braid done and about the same on two sections of stockinette before I decided I was insane and sewing the whole thing together would look bad and take a lot of boring sewing so I unwound the whole thing and set about starting over in one piece, which honestly I think is much much better anyway.

Here it is now, I have about another, what? 3 feet to go? good lord. I do enjoy kniting it, but even though the braid is straight forward you can´t exactly write your novel while you work on it because it takes a bit of consentration. I have been listening to audio books while I do it and that seems to work out well!

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