The Taste of Simplicity

Oven Roasted Tomato Pasta

This is my very classy, very no fuss meal which has a very large chic to work factor considering the oven does all the work. To take advantage of the remaining fresh herbs and produce in the market (other than potatoes) I decided to throw together a nice little pasta dish for my honey when he got home from his latest turn at the medical center teaching over-aged doctors how to operate via the use of a small camera on little pigs.

After 5 hours in the oven, on the lowest setting on my stove, my little not-quite-cherry-tomatoes are ready. I sliced them about a thumbs thickness before putting them on a baking sheet with a little olive oil, then I (gasp) left the house with the oven left on and headed over to the local fruit and veggie stand for some basil, a bunch that set me back 1 peso, or about 40 cents.

I ripped up the basil into small pieces and grated my queso para rallar, which literally means grating cheese, but it comes in many different styles and flavors, think asagio and you will be pretty close. Once my tomatoes were done, I got out a nice large pot to boil some water for my pasta and opened a bottle of cider. Cider in Argentina is always, at least that I have seen, alcoholic, not as crisp or as pungent as the knock you over stuff I tried from the farms in Normandy, France, but still nice for a little lunch.

Once the pasta is cooked drain it and toss it up with a little salt and olive oil, and then add in your ripped basil (never cut basil because it is very easily bruised, and much better if you just shred it with your fingers, plus it smells nice anyways) and the roasted tomatoes. Take this to the table with your glass of cider, and your boy and cover your pasta in a nice mound of cheese!

Buen Provecho!


krista said...

Oh wow, that looks soooo goood.

Tania said...

Sounds so simple and so delicious. And I love the gorgeous photo of those tomatoes!

Tea said...

The tomatoes are beatiful!

I thought of your this morning--saw big crates of lovely pomelos at the farmers' market.

Katy said...

Thanks everyone! I always love love love to get comments. This meal is just so easy to make it had to be written about.