A little news!

So, a few things!

1) I am in Seattle! For the next 6 weeks anyway while I study hard for the LSATs, the test to get into law school. I have a 3.78 gpa but my lsats are gonna be horrible I know it, so I am going overboard with the books! (This means little to no updates for a while).

2) Praise be to the mighty tomatillo! I am SO happy! (9 months without you seems like forever) I am going mexican food crazy, honestly I am.

3) The BBC is so smart, if you like tea then you MUST read this article! I have been happily downing Market Spice Tea (from Seattle Pike Place Market) since I got back (made with cinnamon oil I am sure of it), which is so fabulous if you haven't tried it yet you should!

4) My computer is being a pain, but I wanted to say thanks for the help finding the cookies, I think that this link is the one I needed :)

That is it, wish me luck on this crazy test!


The UNvirgin Mary said...

Hey darlin! Just want to wish you all the luck on your test! I know Ive talked to you recently as well but I also know that a comment on blogs is always appreciated! That lebkuchen recipe looks divine. I loved the pics of the lady making them! Definitely gave it a personal touch. Sorry I didn't come through with a good recipe. Im not a cook, as you are well aware, and had no idea where to get a good recipe. Glad you found one though!! Miss you! Besos XOXO

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Those crumbles sound delicious! What do you think of Moroccan food?