Before we eat..

Thank you all so much for your patience,

I just finished taking the LSATs on Saturday after many a long day spend with my nose to the grindstone. Results we will here in a few weeks! I am going out of my mind!

I have been adoring being in the Northwest, I have baked a handful of blackberry and apple crumbles, made spiced plum jam from our plum trees, and stuffed myself from homegrown tomatoes right from the garden. Life has been good, and it hasn’t even rained all that much! Can you believe my luck?

I will be spending a few more weeks here writing applications for law school and getting a few professors to write me letters of recommendation and then I will be back off to Corrientes. In the mean time I plan on eating as much Mexican food as my little body can hold and washing it down with a great many number of sidecars!

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ms.proust said...

Hey Katy,

I just got back from San Miguel de Allende & am now on a total Mexican food jag... Do you have some favorite places to recommend?

I got to try out El Rinconsito yesterday in Renton as I had heard that their tacos were excellent despite the fact that they have become a chain operation. My adobada torta was huge, delicious & about four bucks. Sweet!

Next we went to Saars market where nearly everyone was speaking Spanish & bought ingredients to make some posole. They had freshly made sopes that were still warm in the bag--MMMM... Then on to a carneceria to buy marinated meat & bolillos. Before I lived on the south end, I had no idea how cool Renton could be!

As we speak I am eating one of my husband's homemade tamales with mole brought back from Dolores Hidalgo. It went very nicely with your blog :)