MAN Sweater

My first sweater sweater! Done! Here are some pics~

I got the pattern from one I bought at my local yarn store on Vashon Island, WA, though I used the fair isle pattern from a magazine. I put a different neck on as well, rather than just leaving it I stitched on a ribbed neck. It was a lot of fun, so much nicer now I bought a whole set of cables and needles that are interchangable!


Becka said...

It's perfect!!! You did a great job and your dad looks like he loves it!

The UNvirgin Mary said...

Hey what a snazzy sweater!! That's really nice and it looks great on your dad. So will you turn into that granny who knits socks and sweaters with reindeer heads on them for her family every Christmas??? (I'm thinking Bridget Jones here) I hope not! You have much more class than reideer heads..... hehehe!