A little obsessed

So now that Halloween is over and done with (I didn't even dress up!) I dont feel so badly about revealing to you all that I am actually borderline mad.

I have an extreme obsession.

And no it isn't cooking... or knitting....

It is Christmas.

And I have already got things in full swing. Not even for this year, Argentina is hot, which means fireworks and bbq's not snowbug cuddling with your hunny by a roaring fire. This year it is the beach and dancing. No, I am preparing for next year, I don't even know where I will BE yet! (for those who are wondering I just finished my law school applications as of yesterday as the list is: UC Davis, University of Washington, Boston University, Boston College, Washington & Lee, University of Connecticut, & Chase Western in Ohio) Do you see a pattern? Other than my one little strangler, UC Davis, I am going to places with snow, or at least snow access. Why? My obsession.

Thanksgiving for me has already come and gone, I celebrated that back a week ago because I am heading back to Argentina on the 7th. So I am in full Holiday swing.

I already bought 2 boxes of ornaments,

and here is the reason I am blogging. This delicious tree topper from Grandin Road.

It isn't cooking related. It is just fabulous.

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The UNvirgin Mary said...

Yes dear, you are a little mad, but that's what makes you so lovable! I think its really cool you're so into Christmas. It guarantees a great time for your future family and I think thats wonderful. You're going to make sure Christmas remains a family tradition and a fun time for everyone. Plus you have exquisitely classy taste in decorations and that just makes it all the better.... even if the tree topper is gigantic ;)