Blue Buttercream Update

So. I made a cake. I wanted to practice making my wedding cake, Santi and I are thinking the wedding may be around July of next year, so I thought it would try out the frosting, but the truth is I am a very anti-buttercream girl. I love how it looks, how easy it is to frost and the lovely shiny texture, but it is a pain having to go up to exactly 160 degrees in a water bath, and then whip whip whipping. But even if I don't like the taste, it certainly looks very retro sitting on my kitchen counter this blue baby makes me smile every time I walk past.

I have to tell you all I am sorry, I haven't been posting at all for ages ages and ages and I don't have a nice excuse, except life. Before I came back from Argentina my mother was diagnosed with cancer, on top of getting her hip replaced; this meant 3 surgeries within a very short period of time, though luckily now she has a fancy new hip that gets her around like a busy bee and her cancer is 100% gone.

As for me I have a new job and a new little life here on Vashon Island, at least until I start law school in the fall. I am on the waiting list for about a million (ok 7) schools, though I am most excited about going to the University of Washington, so I will have to keep my fingers crossed. Most likely I will be going to the University of the Pacific McGeorge which has a nice international law program, and gave me a large chuck of a scholarship which is always appreciated!

I am working at a restaurant!Even though it is as a waitress I have to tell you I am in love, most of the time I can't wait to go to work and it is giving me a serious life crisis- that and watching Ratatouie (which may possibly be the best movie ever made in the history of all things ever) make me want to be a chef. (Though it would be a huge pay cut from just about any kind of law).

I love Seattle, I love going to the market, I love going out to eat (just went to the pink door, in pike place, the food was so-so but the place was enough to make me go back), and I think I may have had cilantro about 600 times since I got back. As much as I loved Argentina, it just isnt right to live sans cilantro for so very very long!

So back to the important stuff. This cake here, is a Devils Food Cake from the American Culinary Institute Baking Book. This book is amazing for 2 reasons; 1) it tells you exactly what each of the ingredients do to affect the texture, flavor and general appeal of the end result and 2) the recipes actually work. I made a foccacia out of it the other day, which called for potato and as odd as it sounds, it was probably the best I have ever had.

I got the idea for the blue butter cream from Martha Stewart, here if you would like a look, but I was going for a little brighter and bolder and funky. I still did scrape a vanilla bean into it though because you have just gotta love those fabulous flecks! I got these amazing cherries from out local market here (most of them are shipped in from Yakima though) and dipped them in white chocolate for the top, I tossed them in the frezer for just a few minutes so the chocolate would be crisy. The layers are built up with whipped mascapone and sliced strawberries. I would give you all more pictures but my poor camera is on the fritz and I was lucky to come away with more than 2 semi-decent shots. I have to say I was worried about making the cake to creamy and skimped on the marscapone, this was a mistake I could have easily gone with double what I used and it would have been fine. Sorry for no recipe, but I want to encourage everyone to go out and buy this little yellow book, because it really is worth it!

Thanks to everyone who left me comments and emails wondering what was up, I really appreciated them all and I am glad I am starting to get back in the swing of things now. Thanks for sticking out the wait with me readers!


CookingDiva - Chef Melissa said...

Hola querida Kathy! I see you are back in the US---I bet you miss Argentina! It is a country that can't be forgotten. Whatever we do, it will be there bringing memories of the good days spent there. I lived in Bs As for 3 years when I was a teenager---since then, I have visited three times I guess. Ahhh---Lovely!
P.S. BTW, your retro cake looks marvelous. Yum!

The UNvirgin Mary said...

Yay!!!! What a gorgeous yet funky cake. Very cool. It was lovely to chat with you today and I really think you're making the right choice. Just look at the talent you have and you haven't even been to school for it yet!

I do have to say I love buttercream frosting so it looks delish to me. Your little blurb about cilantro made me gag, though.... hehe! Ahhh I hate that stuff and I think I'm the only one.

Oh well. Look forward to seeing you this summer (hopefully) and reading more about your marvelous creations :).

luv you!