So Long My Darling...

Well, at the risk of sounding like an absolute spastic, I have to tell you all a little something. I have unenrolled as a culinary student. I got in at the University of Washington School of Law, and it was an offer I just could not pass up. After talking to a million people in cooking (they all told me the fastest way to having my own restaurant, is by getting out of the industry) I decided a law degree certainly wont hurt, sure it will leave me thousands of dollars in debt, and eyes red from all that reading, but at the end of the day I will also be able to provide for a family and for myself (and my raging and expensive cheese addiction).

Classes start on Monday. I am not at all as nervous as I thought I would be, I had drinks with a bunch of soon-to-be-classmates yesterday (all girls... rather strange) and all seemed to go smoothly. I think that since I am in a decent school I am not as worried about grades, I am 100% o.k with a B average (this is hard to take from a girl who lived by her report card in undergrad) but perhaps I have lived a little more and know that honestly, my happiness is a whole lot more real when it comes from the smiles of people around me eating some dish I have just made than from a letter on a bit of paper.

Speaking of happiness, every year my mother and I make 3 fruit marmalade. You can't get Seville oranges around here, and the stuff they sell in supermarkets is decidedly American. No offense, but sweet just isn't going to cut it. I am not going to give you a recipe because jam doesn't work that way, but generally it goes:


I take the peel of the orange and the lemon and dice it very finely, some years I go with squares but I think that long strips look nicer. I am not going to say anything more, as this is a top-secret, family-only recipe. I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you....or marry you, one or the other.


david said...

dear pomelo katy i love citrus also but from a differnet angle as the gardens mgr of rockefeller center and former dir of the s fl hort soc look at my pics of garden or displays
i made a huge public display of fruit instead of a garden design once

david murbach nyc

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Ruby del Barco said...

Please join our Vashon zombie walk, this Halloween. Do you have any recipes for sweetbreads? Yum..

ms. proust said...

Katy, you're still blogging! I checked back from time to time but thought it had gone to rest--much like my sporadic attempts at keeping up Madeleine despite the pull of daily life.

So you're back in Seattle, taking on a culinary career, & love cheese? You best come introduce yourself at Spanish Table!

Are you still marrying your Argentine? Please don't talk about your waistline--you have no idea how much padding accumulates after marrying a chef & working in the food/wine industry for 5+ years... I was most heartened by the pics of Nigella bloggers took on her recent Seattle visit. So good to see a food celeb who actually eats with joy.

Hope all is well in your world & wishing you a merry x-mas!