Pesticides: A Bit of Current Events

Todays Seattle P-I caught my eye and I thought I would pass on the information. A recent study based on Mercer Island Children in a study on pesticide levels in school children revels some scary facts about non-organic produce. I must admit I don't always go the organic route as a poor student except where the taste is noticeable (like carrots and such), though this article has made me re-think my naughty-eating ways. Here is a link:

Harmful pesticides found in everyday food products:Mercer Island children tested in yearlong study


Chensheng Lu Andy Rogers / P-I: Chensheng Lu, holding an apple from Pike Place Market, studied the pesticide levels in Mercer Island children. In the study, the children ate a variety of conventional produce from area groceries and then switched to organic. (Picture from the PI Website)

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