The Quest for Cake

Yesterday was glorious. The Seattle sun was shining over the frosty land, I took a new route on my daily run with my dog allowing me to appreciate the little neighborhood in which I live, I did quite adequately in my torts and contracts exams in law school and best of all I figured out how to use a system called inter-library loan which allows me access to any university library in the country, several of which actually had accounts of the history of food which you know can only make for an outstanding sort of day.

I also missed my bus. No worries, I think, in my state of glowing happiness after a near 12-hour snooze (and canceled morning classes), I will get coffee at the grocery store. I often go to this particular store, it is very expensive but so chic and I feel hip just by going there. So in I stroll, and the 3 helpful bakery girls take my order for a tall americano (I am a snob, a huge and unabashed snob when it comes to coffee so I try to make my orders extremely simple- unless I am at Vivace, which is another story, for another day). But as I wait for my coffee, I wander. The cakes catch my eye.

"Where on earth do you get your cakes done?" I say to the bakery-person closest to me, "They are so smooth, so perfectly frosted! Wouldn't I just die to be able to frost a cake like that!"

"Well" she tells me "Celebrity Cakes does thoses ones there, but if you are interested in cakes you must contact the cake-goddess at Home Cake Decorating Supply Co at 90th and Roosevelt because she knows everything, everything and everyone, and she can let you know where to go.'

I have been searching for a cake decoration class for months, unfortunately silly law school keeps thwarting my plans. I looked into the UW, West Seattle and Central continuing education programs but no cake help there. So at this little hint from the grocery I am elated, a crumb on the trail to cake decorating!

As I call the Home Cake Decorating Supply Co, my heart beats faster, could this be it? A cheerful voice at the end of the lines says hello. I explain how I was instructed to call, that she knew all and she laughed. But it was true, this women is a cake guru. She told me the names of three people in the Seattle area who teach and listed their numbers off by heart. She told me that her cake decorating supply store was opened in the 60's and only just moved up in the world of technology by getting a non-rotary telephone, and told me they 'might have a website' and told me an e-mail address. But the lack of technology obviously means nothing about her cake prowess. She told me if the first three numbers don't work I can call her back anytime.

I thank her profusely and call the first number on my list, Cheri Bloomquist a cake decorator of 'amazing skill', who tells me all about Continuing education at North Seattle Community College. I was worried about the timing, as Civil Procedure and Property cut unmercifully into my cake time, but she assured me the classes were at night or on the weekend. Finally! I was signed up in ten minutes. Thank goodness!

Obviously one glorious day well spent.

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