Tips from Home Cake Decorating Supply Co.

There are tips, and then there are tips. Home Cake Decorating Supply Co. has both types.

It took me ages to navigate my way from the frozen dog park to the tiny little Cake Decorating shop on Roosevelt and 90th, where I left nearly a 1/5th of what I spend on my rent each month on cake supply goods. The place is packed, floor to ceiling; lollipop molds, Barbie heads to make your 5 year old that pink cake, edible glitter, and every cake tin, cardboard, box or tool to make the cake of absolute perfection.

But the true treasure of this place is the women behind the counter. As I counted out the right number of bags or specific spatula sizes, I could hear her offering advice. She recounted the trouble that could come with underpricing your first cake, she helped a mom pick the best tools for her little blond daughters birthday cupcakes and by the time I got to the front of the line I knew I had come to the right place.

She looked at me and back to my choices, and then continued to tell me why I needed to get entirely different tools. This spatula is plastic, all the professionals use wood, she tells me. Wood doesn't slip once it is covered in frosting. I don't need a large coupling (the little plastic circle which links the tip onto the frosting bag), I would never use it. Ah ha. I have learned more from this shopping trip than all my time working in a bakery (ok so we didn't make cakes).

While the shop is overflowing you can't leave without that feeling. You know... the way you feel after finding that perfect tomato, the most amazing cheese or artisan cured meat. It is the anticipation of great things to come. The glee of a soon-to-be-birthed cake of perfection.

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Katy said...

Just a little note, in case you cant tell. I got a new camera!!!! Huzzah for pictures you can see; no blur! no fuzz! No carrots shadowed by darkness now!