Good Enough to Eat!

Per your requests, I have decided to give in and update the blog. And since it has taken me so long to get around to updating, I have a particular eye-feast for you today. I hope you aren't too hungry because I am about to take you on a mini-break through a few noteworthy European stuff-yourself-silly-worthy meals. First Stop, can you guess where this is?

Ah, that's right. There aren't many places you see such a beautiful sight at 8am on a Tuesday morning, the daily Keg delivery in Dublin Ireland, and the wet sidewalks to show why they need so much beer to see them through.

Ireland has lots of gorgeous countryside, lots of gorgeous countryside full of very happy cows that make, in my opinion, some of the best butter on earth. Irish butter is rich, creamy and a whole lot more, well, buttery than the butter you find here in the states. Lucky for us you can find imported Kerrygold butter from Ireland, if you are a very lucky person, some grocery stores.

The bread I got in a bakery called, creatively, The Bakery, in the Temple Bar area of Dublin (the foodiest area). I also picked up something I had never heard of, Tiffin. An Irish treat make of oats, and sugar and the like coated most deliciously in chocolate, and a similar flapjack, which can be bought all over Great Britain and Ireland and follows along the same lines, though often includes fruit and cuts out the chocolate, but a picture can explain more than I ever will:

What is so appealing about these little bars is the combination of the salty-oaty-nuttiness with the chocolate or the fruit, it is powerful and addicting mix! Also deadly, like all things delicious, it probably has about the same amount of calories you would find if you just sat down and ate the whole stick of that Kerrygold butter I was telling you about.

My favorite thing about Irish cuisine however, is the homey-comfort of it all. After a soggy walk through the rain there is nothing better than a cup of steaming tea, and a plate of bangers and mash. Or perhaps, a pint of Guinness followed with some beef and Guinness stew with Guinness bread at a local pub like this one, doesn't it have just the perfect name for the soon-to-be lawyer?


vashon-sarah said...

Good to see you posting again! Mum

kimrennin said...

There are moments we can savor only as a gardener-cook, and picking zucchini blossoms for Sunday breakfast is one of them. When I went out on a recent sunny August morning, dew was sparkling on the golden petals. By afternoon they would be closed and starting to wilt, but now the huge, upward-facing cups were wide open to the sun's rays. Harvested early, they would stay open all day if kept cool, but it was still best to eat them while fresh and crisp. Hence breakfast.
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Alice said...

I grew up in the UK of Irish/English/American I can tell you more about the word Tiffin. It's an Anglo-Indian word which means lunch...and has became the word to mean something sweet that you snack on. What's you've photographed is something called a flapjack with chocolate. Delicious nevertheless!

Katy said...

Alice, thanks for the tip :) I am also from UK/American stock, and you are completely right. It is a flapjack with chocolate in England, though what I bought there, at least at the bakery was labeled 'Tiffin' so perhaps in Dublin it may just be called something different. Though the one with fruit was called a flapjack.

adele said...

Welcome back!