A New Place to Hang Your Hat

I moved! (Not websites, don't worry, I am not cool enough to figure out how one of those fancy typepad blogs work), but houses. My new kitchen (being in a house instead of a cramped apartment near the university) is probably twice as large. I actually have EMPTY drawers in my kitchen, can you imagine? and a dish washer! (not just my boyfriend now!- a real one with buttons and all, though now that I live with him there are more dishes and a great built in excuse to make lots and lots and lots of food).

I am also inheriting a TV (it is the above stated boyfriend's, not mine) and I have to say it is odd. I have not had a TV since I moved out of my parent's house to start going to college (a long time ago). I use the internet (hey the shows only have like 3 commercials!) and science friday's on NPR as entertainment. I am not sure I like it. I mean, I enjoy the fact that there is a big soft sofa next to it for some good old fashioned spooning while watching it. But the box is loud and all flashy with its neon lights, screaming buy buy buy and sometimes it is just a little more than I can take. I do get Heroes a whole 24 hours earlier though, so there is an upside. It is all about settling in.


adele said...

Empty drawers? In your kitchen?! I am deeply jealous. :P

Katy said...

ha! I am sure it wont stay that way for long :)

Kelly said...

Your kitchen is really lovely! (I'm jealous of the non-boyfriend dishwasher myself)

Miles said...

Don't forget the washer and dryer. Though I guess that's off topic, not being in the kitchen and all.

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Katy said...

Yes the washer and dryer make me super happy. Washing clothes, it is so in!