Getting Married

Wedding plans are coming along swimmingly- I just got this sweet little vintage number from Ebay- it is from the 1940's and I love the brides slightly mischievous smile! And, because you all want to know...

The Proposal: As a belated birthday present for Kyle, the couple took a trip to Vancouver, BC, just after the 2010 Olympics.  They stayed in a 5-star hotel and were upgraded to the presidential suite which had a magnificent view of the city (and was nearly the size of their house!) After exploring Vancouver, they dined at a spectacular French restaurant where Kate ordered the lobster bisque.  They spent the rest of the night sipping champagne and savoring chocolates while soaking up the city lights from their room. 

The next morning, Kate went out to get breakfast while Kyle slept.  Unbeknownst to her, Kyle had slipped the ring box under her pillow while she was out. Bringing back coffee and bakery goodies, they began to have breakfast in bed. Kyle pulled out the ring then and there, while Katy was covered in muffin crumbs, asking her to marry him. She said yes.

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mica said... sweet! a surprise proposal whilst u were covered in muffin crumbs... so romantic yet hilarious! congrats on ur recent engagement dear :)

love, mica