Pore Reducing Sugar Scrub

I love homemade beauty products. Just because you put it in a fancy jar and charge 40 dollars for an ounce doesn't make it any better! This scrub is made to help ex-foliate, and reduce pore size. It contains all kinds of awesome good for the skin things. First of all, honey is a natural anti-bacterial and has been used for over 2,000 years to treat wounds, and skin problems. It also contains anti-oxidant properties to keep skin healthy, wrinkle free, smoother and softer.  Vinegar is a natural cleanser, and can also work to tighten pores- apple cider vinegar is usually best, it also smells better. Sugar here is the perfect exfoliator, and olive oil helps to add natural, healthy moisture to the skin. It is also dead easy to make, and smells completely amazing. 

Lavender Rosemary Sugar Scrub
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
2-3 tablespoon honey
a few drops of oil (until it forms a paste)
3-4 drops lavender essence
3-4 drops grapefruit essence (optional)
1 sprig chopped rosemary (can use dried if needed, about 1-2 tablespoons)

Mix until you have a paste you want, and add more sugar if it is too liquid or more honey/vinegar or oil if it is too dry. Apply to face in a circular motion after normal washing, and rinse with warm water. 


mica said...

wow very interesting! it's amazing how bloggers like urself come up with homemade beauty prdts cos i absolutely wont be able to do so. seems like a simple recipe, will attempt it after im done with the stresses of uni assignments!

p.s. i like that it has pore minimizing effects. my pores i think are quite huge & open; my T-zone area always feels so oily but my cheeks seem dried out. frustrates me! any tips for me? that'd be great :D

love, mica

Cakelaw said...

Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by my blog. I never knew that sugar was a defoliator before, but it makes perfect sense - it's hard and granular. Great job!

Delishhh said...

This is awesome. I used to long time ago make some homemade masks like oatmeal or avacado and then i stoppen since i could not store them. But this one sounds great. Do you think it would store in the refrigerator a few days/weeks?

Kate said...

Sugar is a very strong preservative (think jam) it lasts just fine in the shower in a Tupperware!

Julie Cadman-Kirk said...

I love making things like this-- but unfortunately honey is really expensive over here. Sigh.

Chloe said...

Great looking dish! Make me hungry!

sauvageblue said...

I want to try this out...